KLEOS range
27 different historically accurate tent models and counting!

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Currently available 15mm camps and baggage:

Currently available 28mm camps and baggage:

Camps for the lads!

At BAUEDA we strongly believe that camps and baggage deserve as much attention to historical accuracy and as much detail as any other part of the army, and KLEOS is here to give you exactly this!
Like all our models these are historically accurate reproductions with plenty of beautifully sculpted surface detail to help you in painting and are made of very tough POLYURETHANE, so will last you a lifetime!

Based and painted models like the ones shown in the images are available as stock items for many models. In this case you'll find a button that will let you add them to your shopping basket right away. All the others are available painted and based as custom orders and can be finished in every style to your specifications,

Most of these models can be used for many more armies and settings than those specifically listed, for example the "arab" tents are perfectly suitable for all desert nomads of all historical periods, and are still widely in use today!

As always your opinion is very important to us, so let us know what YOU think!

Below you'll find a list of all the new models that are currently in development. For an explanation of the progress bar indicators click here.
This list is always in progress, as some items leave to enter the production cycle and new ones are added regularly. There is no established order for future releases, we're working on several at the same time and while some may have been in the making for a while already a simpler one started more recently may get released first. The best way to see pictures of the coming ranges and read the latest news is to come see us on Facebook and just click "like"!
In any case we aim to please, so if there is anything in particular you would like and it is missing and we will do everything possible to fix that!

Coming next in KLEOS 28mm:

  • 28mm Roman Centurion tent

  • 28mm Roman supplies

  • 28mm Beduin tent

  • 28mm Orc Shack

  • 28mm Elven tent

  • 28mm Moorish tent

  • 28mm Straw Hut

  • 28mm Goblin shelta

  • 28mm Temporary shelter

Coming next in KLEOS 15mm:

  • 15mm ACW Stacked supplies

  • 15mm Roman supplies

  • 15mm Greek Hero tent

  • 15mm Mongol palace tent

  • 15mm ACW ridge tent

  • 15mm ACW "dog" tents

  • 15mm Roman Centurion tent

  • 15mm Medieval Islamic tent

  • 15mm Moghul tent

  • 15mm ACW HQ tent

  • 15mm Napoleonic tent

  • 15mm Japanese Warrior Monks Shrine

  • 15mm Assyrian tent

  • 15mm Beja (Hadendowa) tent

  • Kneeling Pack Elephants

  • 15mm Persian King on Golden Throne

  • Bactrian Pack Camels and Handlers