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It has happened: DS has been decommisioned! DREAMS NEWS is not going to be updated anymore: DS1 is now online, and you'll find a news page there that is updated on a regular basis.
You're always very much welcome to contribute with your thoughts, critics and suggestions anyway!

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Unfortunately copyright issue with various publishers have undermined the original concept of Dreams Studio, so now it has become effectively just my on-line portfolio.
Anyway there is plenty of new stuff in the new site, so take your time and enjoy your tour of DS1! From now on I will post links to the latest updates only there.

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The WEB ARCHIVES are now open: a new archive dedicated to web design, it contains some small pictures for your pages: interlaced and in case transparent background GIF or JPEG files that may also be copied immediately and pasted directly in your page.
At the moment the WEB ARCHIVES include:

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Why DS?

(Is there a real need for another picture archive on the web?)

Obviously I think so, and that's because DS want to be different.
Let me to explain: the electronic media is becoming more pervasive and is taking more space on traditional publishing every day, but while the spreading use of computers on a side opens a wonderful new world of possibilities (and I think nobody can consider the "information highway" in any way limiting!) on the other side computer-generated images ARE limiting. They are because they're perfect, each single pixel is originated by mathematical calculation, getting everyday more close to photorealism, and more far away from Art.
It doesn't matter if you refer to Fine Art or to commercial illustrations, Art is not perfect, regardless whatsoever ideal of perfection classicists of any time aspire to, the "perfection" in Art is very far from the perfection of a computer-generated image; Art is the creative process of the interpretation of reality, not its reproduction.
While rendering software produce perfect images, Art include errors, in the form of emotional distortions, and these "errors" communicate the emotions of the Artist: it is not important how sofisticated rendering programs will become, is the human emotions of the Artist that make his work "Art".
Here it is important to clarify: I don't mean in any way that you can't do Art with computers, but that computers remain simply a tool, and they can't do Art by themselves, it is the Artist who uses them who realize rubbish or masterpieces, exactly as with any other tool, digital or not. Even with the most powerful modelling and rendering software YOU produce great images only if YOU are an Artist, and only because you are an Artist not because the image has been realized by or with the aid of a computer.
The Artist creates the emotional load which makes an image "Art", and he is as good as he is able to communicate this emotion, not as close to photorealism he can get.
In this sense I say that the spread of computer-generated images is limiting, because it risk to educate us (or better to diseducate us) to identify the "realism" with the "quality" of an image.
Photorealism can be taken as a parameter to judge the technical skill of an artist who wants to achieve a hyperrealistic effect, but never as a general meter for the quality of artworks.
DS is different because it brings to the web a different kind of images which stand out for their quality as artworks in force of their emotional content and regardless to the media used to realize them.
That's why you will find in DS traditional illustrations as well as computer graphic and renderings and all of them will give you the warm feeling of Art and not the cold stillness which too often is smuggled for it.
Of course as soon as A.I. will start to make Art I'll be pleased to include it here.
A final note: I want to make DS a pleasant and enjoyable experience and that's why I try to avoid the use of white backgrounds and tiny typing which I find very tiresome. I have also chosen to use more traditional hyperlinks than incredibly attractive (and as much slower) huge clickable maps to save your time, as you can see there is already plenty of pictures to load here...

Claudio Berni 22/10/96

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